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Laracasts Tips

Fixing Mistakes

If deployed


1, git reset –hard hfjdshfjkds

gets rid of the commit and the changes reset everything to the way the code was go back to the original commit

2, git reset –soft hfjdshfjkds reset the commit but keeps local changes (uncommited)

or the correct way

This will just fix the commit, with your changes.

Use the present tense for messages

“If you can describe the change you have made, then your should commit it”

“when you hit a milestone”

git show will show the changes.


git add .
git commit



Already working on a new feature - all over the place New feature should be a new branch

git checkout a file will discard changes One branch per bugfix An easy fix could just be done on master

Finished feature

This created a commit


git branch -v

If git merge reports conflicts. Git status reports both modified When the file is viewed:

««< HEAD – current branch

This is Laravel


Welcome to Laravel


Fix this manually, then .add the file.

Then git commit the resolved file.

Git Aliases

git config –global alias.s status

Adds to the bottom of the .gitconfig file or the .bashrc

Stash Away Changes

Not ready for a commit before swapping branch.

git stash`` saves working directory git stash list git stash poptakes them off the list git stash apply``` you can have multiple stashes

Pusing to GitHub

git push -u


git merge git rebase <branch>

git log –oneline –graph

git rebase master

Interactive Rebasing

Git Strategy

3 Branches


Testing - checked out to test env

Develop - working

Feature brnaches come from develop.

git checkout -b myfeature develop

Release branches

Finished features merged back in.

git checkout develop
git merge --no--ff myfeature (merges with a new commit object)
git branch -d myfeature
git push origin develop

Pushing changes to master

  1. git checkout master
  2. git merge –no-ff develop (This merges into thr current branch!)
  3. git push origin master

Delete branch

git branch -d crazy-experiment

Sensible view of history

git log -p -2

git rm -f .idea/workspace.xml

Fixing things

Forced push: git push -f origin master

Force Git to overwrite local files on pull

Important: If you have any local changes, they will be lost. With or without –hard option, any local commits that haven’t been pushed will be lost.[*] If you have any files that are not tracked by Git (e.g. uploaded user content), these files will not be affected.

I think this is the right way:

git fetch –all git reset –hard origin/master

##Removing tracked files

git update-index –assume-unchanged [path]