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Authentication and Authorisation



This is where we change the redirect after login:

protected $redirectTo = '/home';




// Authentication Routes...
$this->get('login', 'Auth\LoginController@showLoginForm')->name('login');
$this->post('login', 'Auth\LoginController@login');
$this->post('logout', 'Auth\LoginController@logout')->name('logout');

// Registration Routes...
$this->get('register', 'Auth\RegisterController@showRegistrationForm')->name('register');
$this->post('register', 'Auth\RegisterController@register');

// Password Reset Routes...
$this->get('password/reset', 'Auth\ForgotPasswordController@showLinkRequestForm');
$this->post('password/email', 'Auth\ForgotPasswordController@sendResetLinkEmail');
$this->get('password/reset/{token}', 'Auth\ResetPasswordController@showResetForm');
$this->post('password/reset', 'Auth\ResetPasswordController@reset');

Adding To a New Application (Dashboard)

Connecting to the User database, to get perms.


Defining Rules

boot() method of AuthServiceProvider


  1. Define a key verb-modelName eg. update-contact
  2. Define the closure - user and then object(s) checking access to eg. ($user, $contact)
  3. In this function, do the check, return true or false could also use a class and a method gate->define('update-contact','ContactACLChecker@updateContact');

The Gate Facade

  //Update contact


The Authorise Middleware


Controller Authorization

Blade Checks



Intercepting Checks


All above access controls required Eloquent models,

Used for access on a particular resource(model).

How Do I Want To Use This?

Amend AuthServiceProvider boot:

    public function boot(GateContract $gate)

        //These are the auth rules, normally they are for
        // a table and are obtained from the Web User Manager
        $gate->define('drawings', function($user){
            return $user->canDo('drawings');

I was getting: Class App\Providers\GateContract does not exist

So I added this:

use Illuminate\Foundation\Support\Providers\AuthServiceProvider as ServiceProvider;

Add these to the index functions in the controllers:

if (Gate::denies('auth_codes', Image::class)) {
            return Redirect::back();

Laravel Version

Need to be on 5.3 and the labelling app I am working on is only 5.2.39.

Not sure I want to upgrade, will look at docs for 5.2 authentication.

Just added this to me ImagesController:

if (Gate::denies('maintain-images', Image::class)) {
          return Redirect::back();

Using with Datatables

This can de dropped into my DatatablesController

        if (Gate::denies($this->table, Image::class)) {
            return Redirect::back();

Then add this to the AuthServiceProvider:

$gate->define('staff', function($user,$image){
            return $user->canDo('staff',$image);

How Am I Using in the Reporting Utility

Edit AuthServiceProvider.php

$gate->define('admin', function($user){
            return $user->canDo('admin');

1, I need to drop in the Access Manager trait. 2, And configure it to execute. 3, Add the permissions middleware.

To watch:

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