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Testing the Process Loss Application

Ok, I promise, next application I will do TDD.

I needed to get a demo out pretty quickly. This application is ready to show to the users.

So I figured I should try and write some tests. I am using *Laravel Up & Running” as a guide.

Started by modifying the ExampleTest:

 public function testBasicExample()

Problem 1 - How to log in?

This seems to work:

            ->type('test', 'username')
            ->type('test', 'password')

To run tests: ./vendor/bin/phpunit

Naming Tests

Anything in the testing directory gets run if names end in Test. Methods also need to have the word test as a prefix.

Application environment is always testing.

New Calendar Application

OK, I am strting a new application. This is a small calendar application so will try TDD.

Hmmm Laravel Dusk has appeared. I am following these instructions.

Started trying to fix but ran out of space on my dev server….