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$this->click('Click Me');

Unit Testing

Zoomed in.

Unit and Acceptance/Functional folders.

Can trigger tests just on one folder.

** extend PHPUnit_Framework_TestCase **

public function test_product_has_a_name

  $product = new Product('Fallout 4');

  $this->assertEquals($product->name,'Fallout 4');

** DRY **

protected $product;

public function setUp()
  $this->product = new Product('Fallout 4',59);


More Unit Testing

Just testing that functions work.


Testing Eloquent

Integration Testing

Now need to extend TestCase because we are using Laravel.

function it_fetches_trending_articles
  // Given - set up the world
  //use ModelFactory - can create more than one
  // When
  $articles = Article::trending();
  // Then
  $this->assertEquals($mostPopular->id, $articles->first()->id);

Every test should assume the same world, so don’t keep adding to the db.

use DatabaseTransactions

This will begin and rollback!

** Scopes **

A Testing Database Connection

Testing Collabarators


Maybe I can use instanteof() in my factories.

Homework Solutions

Regression Testing

Adding new tests after bugs found in testing. 1, Write test for bug. 2, Fix bug. 3, Test will pass.

Liking a Model with TDD

Integration folder



Test Method Refactoring

Add helper functions to TestCase.php. Then can use them in any test.

Setup method.

helpers - functions.php

Functions that are used over and over again. Load these with autoload-dev

Design A Fluent API with TDD

Testing Email With Custom Assertions

PHPUnit Prophecies

Bug Fixing Workflow