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Adventures in AWS

I am considering taking some AWS certification. This is documenting that journey.

A Cloud Guru

AWS Tech Essentials


90% of the market. AWS certificates are the most popular. Number of certs makes you a partner.

Associate Exams. 3 Entry Level 2 Professional Tier 3 Speciality

Developer Associate is the easiset.

AWS - The History So Far

AWS - no cost for startups to build infratstructure. Originally called SQS - 2004. 2013 - Certification was launched.

10,000 Foot Overview 1

What do you need for the * Certified Solutions Architect Associate Exam *.

Messaging Desktop and App Streaming Security and Identity Management Tools Storage Databases Networking and Content Delivery Compute AWS Global Infrastructure

A Region has Availability Zones. Region is a geographical area. 2 or more Availability Zones (Data Centres) in each region. Edge Locations are CDN delivery End Points for CloudFront. - for caching large media files. Lots more Edge locations that Regions - over 66 Some regions may not have certain sevices.

10,000 Foot Overview 2



Migration Services

Snowball Edge also has compute capacity, can be taken on premis.

Can move from different database types eg Oracle to Aurora feud.

For migrating VMs from on premise to AWS.


Allows you to execute SQL queries against S3 files. Like turning flat files into a db.

10,000 Foot Overview 3

Security and Identity

Every single exam - fundamental component.

Management Tools

Application Services

A door for securing

A way of streaming desktop applications to users.

Formats videos for all devices.

Developer Tools

For compiling code

Not in the Developer exams yet!

Mobile Services

#### Business Productivity

Mail and docs.


Desktop and App Streaming

AppStream 2.0


10,000 Foot Overview 4

Predict data based

Analyse images.


Decoupling queue system.


CloudWatch LOgs



How to Deploy

Use Redis for cache?

Code on AMI or pulled? How do we get he code on the box

Read Code Deploy

Centralised logging

Don’t SSH