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I’m trying to get a good sytem for editing complex REST forms. I think the answer is probably to use Vue more.

I think I need to go through some of lessons again in

Named slots

Single Use Components Inline -template

How does Hot Module Replacement work with Laravel Mix

Object-Orientated Forms 1.

He has the form being handled in @submit.prevent=”onSubmit” onSubmit is in the main view instance Store is POST to /projects. POST with axios‘/projects’, this.$data) Server validation is OK

  errors: {}

.catch(error => this.errors =

<span class="help is-danger" v-text="errors.get('name')">  </span>

I could use this method for my validation errors. It does look neat. 9:05

# Object-Orientated Forms 2.

This could be good but the field names are hardcoded in app.js

He does this to preserve this


He clones objects like this:

let data = Object.assign({},this);

Still not sure how I could use this.

Object-Orientated Forms 3


Moving code out from app.js.

Episode 23 Laravel Mix

Only in Laravel 5.4.

Episode 24 Shared State 101

Episode 25 Custom Input

Good for components which will be reused in a project.

Episode 26 Vue SPA Essentials: Routing

Single Page Applications.

Episode 29 Dedicated Form Components


Should I use more components in my edit form. My ch-widget-editor is single use, maybe this should be done inline?

Google for Vue/Laravel resuable forms. Hot module replacement in Laravel?