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How to Cleanly Refactor Loops

1, foreach

dueForReview = [];

foreach ($staff as $member) {
  //add to dueForReview if pass test

2, array_filter

$dueForReview = array_filter($staff, function($member)) {
  return $member->dueForReview();

3, use Laravel collection class

$dueForReview = collect($data)->flatten()->filter(function ($member) {
  return $member->dueForReview();

or even:

  ->filter(function ($member)){
    return $member->dueForReview();
  ->each(function ($member) {

or higher order collections:


Collect, flatten, then filter.

Drying Up Forms

<form> is in the create or edit

variables can be passed in the @include

@include ('posts.form', [
  'submitButtonText' => 'Update Post'
//old title if it exists ?? otherwise one from the db

Jeff also passes a new $post into the create (his is done in the view).

Eloquent Techniques

1 Transactions 101

DB:transaction( function () {
  //bill the customer
  //create the customer


2 Track Document Adjustments

Timestamps can be added if required in pivot table. Add them in the relationship. ->withTimestamps();

3 Record Model Changes

Before and after changes

$document->getDirty() values which have changed

4 Dedicated Query String Filtering