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From Good To SOLID: How to Become a Better PHP Developer? - Katerina Trajchevska - PHP UK 2019

Single Responsibility Principle

Do only one thing in a class.

Open-Closed Principle

Extend, don’t modify.

Liskov Substitution Principle

Don’t switch classes, unless you’re sure that they can give the same result.

Interface Segregation Principle

Create small interfaces.

Dependency Inversion

Depend on interfaces, not classes.

Test to Break Principles - Rob Waller - PHP UK Conference 2019

Test to work

Does the code work when given the correct input?

Test to break

Can the system be broken:

declare strict_types = 1

Email validation example.

Ignorance Complexity Problem.

PHPUnit - annotations.

Better to throw exception than continue and do something horrible.

Everything is Awesome - Paul Verbeek Mast - PHP UK Conference 2019

Running Your PHP Site on AWS Lambda - Neal Brooks - PHP UK Conference 2019