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Docker Python Dev Environment


1 make the Dockerfile

FROM python:3.6
RUN pip install azure keyrings.alt
ENTRYPOINT ["tail", "-f", "/dev/null"]

2 build the image

build -t python-dev .

3 create the container

docker run python-dev:latest

4 SSH onto the box (I know, not really)

docker exec -it python-dev bash

It’s not running! docker ps will confirm docker ps -a will show the image and that it has exited.

This is because the container exits when there isn’t a process running. It can be fixed by doing this:

docker run -d python-dev:latest tail -f /dev/null

Map the local source


Docker Azure CLI

docker run -it


1, Work through data chapter of the book. 2,


CLI stuff can be done in the Portal

Functions in the portal? -> 5 minutes only Azure CLI Cloud shell


Docker or Vm? API, Databases Storage Blobs, queues, NoSQL Mondo Db? csv files Mechanics of azure services

??No need EBA Explatory Data Analysis PANDAS - set theory


Maybe Docker dev env?

Azure Developer Guide

Where To Host

Hosting options

App Service or VM - try pushing container

Host a web application with Azure App Service

Done this with Barothing (Laravel app)

Azure Functions

Data Analysis From Book

Introduction to Python

Look at